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Double Stunt Team


spring 2016

Our work

Web / Webdesign

Quickly, easily and cost-effectively. We needed to act.

We worked for stunt agency Double Stunt Team that has more than 60 members. We chose a suitable web template, we spiced up few details, we created a bilingual administration. Everything was prepared up to 3 weeks.

Web launch

Ready to launch up to 3 weeks

Low cost

Which way to go?

We friendly advised them how to create a new web. It isn't always necessary to prepare and create new web with a web designer, an UX specialist etc. We were able to agree on financially acceptable versions of web creation and development thanks to clearly defined utility and financial vision.

Double team web

Puzzle with bonus

A video in the background, an English version of the website, mobile version, and especially an easy web administration where our clients can add pictures, texts or content they need by themselves.

Double team responziva

Made me interested, let's have a meeting...


  • conceptual strategy
  • Libor Uhlík
  • programming
  • Marcel Miliček